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Replace The Battery In Your Car... Before It's Too Late

The battery you have nestled safely under the hood of the car and you depend on every day could be gasping for air -- not literally, but it could very well be on its way to battery heaven. The thing is, you wouldn't necessarily know this to be the case, unless you were told by a technician who was testing it for you.

See, the gauge that reads "voltage" is not a clear indication of your battery; this is the power being displaced from your alternator. So many of you will be happy go lucky, thinking everything is great, until…
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Don't "Eyeball" Your Tires

Tires wear down, and that's completely unavoidable. But there's a lot you can do to make sure that you get the most out of them. Tires need to get maintained, and if you maintain them, then they may be able to give you better gas mileage and last a lot longer. Proper inflation is very important to preserving your tires and will give you that great gas mileage as well. So, how much air do those tires need? You can generally find that out by looking inside the driver's side door (in the door jamb, to be…

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Keep Up On Your Brake Maintenance

If your brakes are in bad repair, you'll know it. But with regular brake maintenance, you can avoid a lot of pesky trouble. By simply taking your brakes in to get serviced every 12,000 miles, or at least every year, you can have the piece of mind of knowing that you and your passengers will be safe on the road. Your brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. If your service brake light on your dash comes on, or if your car pulls to the side when you apply the brake, then be sure…
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Can I Safely Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Can you drive with a cracked windshield? If you can see out, you can drive. But, it is extremely unsafe to drive with a cracked windshield. If a piece of debris hits your windshield, it is likely to shatter and cause a lot of damage to your car, to you, and others. It is dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield because your vision is partially impaired. It is always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

Even a small pit from a rock can weaken the integrity of the glass, and another hit from a flying rock or piece…
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Bring Your Automotive Fantasies to Life with the 2016 Dodge Challenger

Has your search for a new vehicle led you to the sports coupe segment? Well, if so, you've most certainly come to the right place, as we here at Overland Park Jeep Dodge Chrysler have one that's bound to get your emotional pistons pumping.

Its name?

Why, none other than the 2016 Dodge Challenger! Check the clip below to hear all about it from Autotrader personality Jabari Jones:

Though every Challenger engine option has its appeal, none are more impressive than the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 of the top-tier SRT Hellcat trim. Offered with your choice of either…

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Ram Attracts "Jack of All Trades"

"Yes, we can."
If trucks could talk, you'd likely want them to utter these three little words. Thankfully, Ram trucks can deliver on this promise.
Since the top-tier Ram models have a maximum payload of 7,390 pounds, you have the ability to load it up for hockey practice, grocery shopping or whisking your child off to college.
You also have the convenient RamBox cargo management system. If you use your Ram truck for work, you can store all of your tools in these sections.
That said, you can also use the RamBox for play. Load it up with…
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Just Married: Luxury Ram 2500 Gives You a Great Start

Having a great truck isn't just about being able to tow, haul, and conquer any terrain. It's about having the functionality that you need inside as well. The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty has a great interior that provides all the functionality you need to get more done in your day.

Tie up the cans to the fender and make a racket, driving down the road. You will surely turn heads. All the world will cheer your union. The Ram 2500 has premium leather seats, choose from brown or leather. You can start off your wedded bliss agreeing about…
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